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Seit Ende 2022 beschäftige ich mich intensiv mit dem Thema AI. Ob ChatGPT, DALL·E, Adobe Firefly oder Midjourney – Es ist spannend, die Grenzen auszuloten und die Entwicklung der Bild- und Textgeneratoren zu beobachten. Hier eine kleine Auswahl und ein Ausblick darauf, was möglich ist.

Client: Case Study | My own curiosity
Services: Creative Direction

Die Kunst des Prompt Craftings

In the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning, prompts are the gateway to effective communication and interaction. They form the interface through which humans and machines engage in dialogue. As Creative Director and as a Prompt Crafter, I not only understand the technology behind the algorithms but, more importantly, the art of crafting human-centric questions and prompts in such a way that they elicit valuable responses and reactions. In the digital age, effective and targeted prompts are essential to optimize user experiences and make interactions efficient.

Understand, design, implement

Compelling results often depend on the quality of the prompts. As a Prompt Crafter, I combine technical know-how with creative expertise to create tailor-made prompts. Creativity is not just a process, but also a philosophy. Every project deserves an individual approach that is both innovative and goal-oriented. Through the interplay of strategic thinking, artistic intuition, and AI knowledge, I lead teams and projects to success, ensuring that creative excellence is at the heart of every solution.

Code Meets Creativity

While many believe that creating prompts primarily requires technical knowledge, the truth is that without a creative streak, artistic know-how, and an understanding of human behavior, the results are often suboptimal. Creativity combined with technical precision can work wonders. As an experienced creative, I understand the nuances that go into the design process. It's not just about how to pose a question or give a command, but also about how that message is received. Every prompt should therefore be viewed as a narrative that conveys a clear message while simultaneously evoking emotions. 

Bytes & Gut Feelings

Es ist diese strategische Kreativität, die den wahren Wert eines gut gestalteten Prompts definiert. Es geht darum, Technologie und menschliche Intuition zu verbinden, um echte und greifbare Ergebnisse zu erschaffen. Ziel ist es immer, eine Brücke zwischen der KI und ihrem Benutzer zu schlagen und somit Ergebnisse zu erwirken, die echte menschliche Emotionen hervorrufen. Die Technologie entwickelt sich rasend schnell, so dass sich jeden Tag etwas Neues lernen lässt. Es bleibt spannend. Und ich neugierig.