Audi IQ7

Film Concept

The diesel plug-in hybrid Q7 e-tron from Audi is equipped with the most intelligent technology. We were commissioned by Audi to stage this in the best possible way in a product film. This is how the "IQ7" concept came about, a combination of IQ and Q7. The voice-over in the film is designed as if the vehicle would speak directly to the driver and assist him like a digital assistant. Alexa or Siri on four wheels and with proven Audi quality.

Client: Audi AG
Services: Idea, Art Direction
Agency: Philipp und Keuntje

The Audi Q7 e-tron quattro combines intelligence and performance. It is more than just a vehicle: It is also a personal assistant that knows exactly the road conditions and the driver's needs. That's why we gave it its own voice in our online film. While the viewer accompanies the Audi Q7 on its journey, the car introduces itself and its capabilities. In the process, it explains how every trip can become the perfect tour.