The Responding Poster

Our task was to get women more excited about the Astra beer brand. Astra advertising in particular often did not address women at all. The idea was to digitize the Astra brand's main medium, the City Light poster, and to play out the advertising messages very specifically to women only.

Client: Astra
Services: Idea, Creative UX
AGENCY : Philipp und Keuntje


We equipped a City Light poster with a camera and state-of-the-art gender detection software. With the help of this technology, the poster was able to distinguish between women and men and even recognize the age of individual people. Depending on the age, gender, or number of people standing in front of the digital City-Light-Poster, one of the more than 70 messages we had developed together with actor Uke Bosse was played. The result was a completely new concept, which had never been seen before in the field of OOH advertising. 


The gender detection software of the built-in camera can recognize exactly who or how many people are standing in front of the City Light Poster. We therefore developed over 70 different If scenarios that were played out in a targeted manner. For example, the poster detected whether the person was old enough to drink alcohol or female. Since the campaign was only aimed at women, men were sent away with a humorous message, for example.