Audi Q2

#untaggable Kampagne

Unter dem Motto #untaggable habe ich verschiedene Maßnahmen, Werbemittel und Events entwickelt. Darunter z.B. den „untaggable-Blog“, auf dem von den verschiedenen Veranstaltungen, Probefahrten und Aktionen berichtet wurde. Die digitale Kampagne war mit 398. Mio Views auf #untaggable Bilder und Videos und einer Conversionsteigerung von 450% genauso #untaggable, wie der Audi Q2 selbst.

Client: Audi AG
Services: Concept, Art Direction
AGENCY : Philipp und Keuntje

The Audi Q2 doesn't fit into any box. It is just as #untaggable as its target group. Because it's hard to inspire them with conventional advertising. And it demands a digital campaign that is created in real life.

Audi Q2 Digitalkampagne-Multi-3
Audi Q2 Digitalkampagne-Multi-1
Audi Q2 Digitalkampagne-Multi-2

That's why we presented the new vehicle on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr in time for the unveiling. And, of course, we invited the target group to a boiler room party, big city events, test drives, and #untaggable events where guests created content themselves. In addition, specially developed sales tools brought dealer contact directly to the people - for example, on Spotify.