digital highlighter

The task of this UX project was to transfer the analog edding highlighter into the digital world. The challenge was to convey the "highlighter" and the haptic feeling of writing digitally as well. The result was a browser plug-in that can be installed simply by dragging and dropping or by downloading. With this idea, the edding Highlighter has also entered the digital world.

Client: edding
Website: edding.com
Services: UX Design, Art Direction
Agency: kempertrautmann / thjnk

There's an edding for everything. Except for the Internet. That's why we developed one that also worked online as a digital product: the first digital highlighter of its kind.

Not only could it be used to highlight website text. They could also save these passages as PDFs or share them directly via e-mail and social media platforms. From here, interested parties could easily click back to the original article. The highlighted sections linked to the Digital Highlighter microsite. The tool could be installed there as a practical bookmarklet. And it was always at your fingertips - no matter which browser you were using and which page you were on. Users had only been waiting for this edding: 2.7% clicked on our banners. 81% installed the digital highlighter. And the number of visitors to the edding homepage increased by 12%.